The world separates doers from dreamers. This book celebrates the rare few who are both.

Available August 13, 2024

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P.S. You don’t have to surf to love this book.

A refreshing break from typical success stories...Little Giant is a fountain of inspiration about living adventurously and on your own terms. -William Parkhurst, New York Times bestselling author of True Detectives and media coach for CEOs and Pulitzer Prize winners

Ever dream of quitting the rat race to chase your passion?

Meet David Putnam and Yair Lichtenstein, college buddies who ditched promising careers to open a tiny surf shop on the idyllic shores of Aruba. In Little Giant, author Marcia Heath vividly recounts how the two trailblazers defied the odds to transform Bula Surf Shop into a thriving iconic brand…all while keeping their entrepreneurial passion (and friendship) alive.

Masterfully blending memoir, biography, and psychological studies, Marcia reveals how David and Yair’s bold choices sparked her own journey from burnt-out baby boomer to finding her true path as a writer.

Little Giant testifies to the power of relentlessly pursuing your dreams and seeking success on your own terms. 

Do you yearn for more freedom, fun, and purpose in your life? This captivating true story dares you to heed the dream knocking at your heart’s door.

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Ever dream about taking a bold leap into a new life? Meet the guys who did.

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