The world separates doers from dreamers. This book celebrates the rare few who are both.

Coming Spring 2024

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Riding the wave of new possibilities

David Putnam and Yair Lichtenstein were two college buddies with promising careers when they made a pact to quit the rat race and head to the idyllic shores of Aruba.

That’s where Bula, their little giant of a surf shop, got its start and where their story begins. Little Giant  captures the high points of their journey from burnt out to fired up, offering a unique take on entrepreneurial daring and the true meaning of success.

Author Marcia Heath, a non-surfing Baby Boomer, never expected she’d get lifted out of a major life slump by writing the story of two “surfer dudes.” It’s just one of many surprising takeaways you’ll discover in this engrossing true story about work, play, and authentic living. 

Whether you’re ready for a change or dreaming of one, Little Giant dares you to hit pause and pursue whatever has been knocking at the door of your heart. Subscribe and get a free digital preview.

Ever dream about taking a bold leap into a different life? Meet the guys who did.

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