Two Friends, One Surf Shop, a Remarkable Journey


“A refreshing break from typical success stories…this beautiful book is filled with unconventional wisdom about  living adventurously and on your own terms.”

William Parkhurst, bestselling author of True Detectives and

media coach for CEOs and Pulitzer Prize winners

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Little Giant tells the true story of David and Yair’s  journey from rookie retailers to wildly successful cofounders. When the two friends started Bula Surf Shop in 2003, they had no grandiose dreams of setting the world on fire or making buckets of money. The conventional rules of business success didn’t interest them:  grow fast, scale up, make millions (no matter what the personal cost), and retire early.  

For David and Yair, it wasn’t about working less, but enjoying work more.  As cofounders, they wanted to turn a nondescript retail space into a cool gathering spot where everyone felt welcome…and they could show up for work with sand between their toes. 

Small island, big dreams

David and Yair set up shop on the Caribbean island of Aruba, Yair’s native country. As self-made entrepreneurs, they faced the usual dark moments of personal doubt, financial worries, and a revolving door of employee issues.

More than once they feared for Bula’s survival, but the shop thrived on community support that never wavered. Today, Bula’s a little giant with a magnetic brand name and an iconic reputation.

Why did David and Yair succeed so spectacularly when ninety percent of start-ups fail? Little Giant recounts every wipeout and triumph in their journey from struggle to success. Their underdog story proves you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to find nirvana as a start-up visionary. 

Uncommon inspiration

Who knew the sport of surfing and entrepreneurship had so much in common? Or that Bula Surf Shop is a Purple Cow, Seth Godin’s term for companies so remarkable they stand out from the herd? Little Giant explores these and other thought-provoking ideas, including:

– How viral ideas spread on grassroots networks
– The hidden power of staying small and keeping things simple
– How to build a magnetic brand (no ads, no hype)
– Why enduring friendships matter more than we think
– The one secret to savoring life to the fullest


 A lifestyle tourists rarely see

Unlike standard business books, Little Giant features gorgeous photos. So many photos of remote beaches, towering cacti, exotic wildlife, and cool people doing cool things. They’re the kind of images that make you smile and relax at the same time.

What you won’t see in the book: checklists, prescriptive advice, or tidy lessons. That’s because David and Yair openly admit they never had a ten-point plan or magic mantra. Especially as rookie retailers, they made quite a few boneheaded moves. As they jokingly like to say, “We went from stupid to less stupid!”


Ready to ride the wave?

Little Giant is for anyone who’s ever dreamed of taking a bold leap, but never quite made it happen.

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