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Writing, a Dream Deferred

Though Marcia Heath always wanted to call herself a writer, she took a circuitous route before returning to her early creative roots. Her journey took her to publishing giants Simon & Schuster and Harcourt, where she worked as an editor and a publicist promoting other book authors. She went on to spend two+ decades in brand communications and strategic planning for colleges, Fortune 500 subsidiaries, and nonprofits.

A major health crisis in 2017 prompted Marcia to take stock of her life purpose and go out on her own. She founded Bungalow Hill, a solo consultancy that helps artists and writers promote their work and their worth. Her work with creative people ignited her own life-long dream to test her creative limits as a writer. Writing Little Giant  was much more difficult than she ever imagined, a labor of three years, but the experience was transformative. She had finally found her true path.

When not writing, Marcia savors her quiet country surroundings in Midcoast Maine. She lives with her husband in their “nob hill” home overlooking an open field ringed by pine trees. Every day she enjoys a newly discovered sense of peace and purpose echoed in the mindset she describes in Little Giant.  You can sometimes find Marcia trudging along the backcountry trails with an overly affectionate Boykin Spaniel in tow. Marcia is a magna cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Mount Holyoke College and attended the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course. She holds a degree in English Literature. 

Learn how writing Little Giant led to a life reboot.

A refreshing break from typical success stories...Little Giant is a fountain of inspiration about living adventurously and on your own terms. -William Parkhurst, New York Times bestselling author of True Detectives and media coach for CEOs and Pulitzer Prize winners

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